185,000 mi. -valve clearances

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Jan 27, 2008
Last week I cleaned the throttle body and checked the valve clearances. I figured there would be several valves needing new shims, but all were within specs except the back #6 exhaust valve. It was at .015". For 185k mi., that seems amazing. This is the first time I have ever checked valves. I did this while the engine was cold. Should it have been hot?
I replaced the tb gasket, valve cover gasket, intake hose, and several vac lines. It seems to be idling and running very smooth now. I have recently replaced the front and rear crank seals, the oil pump gasket and dist. o-ring. Now it has no oil leaks!!! (for the time being):cheers:
(97 LX450)
mmmm, do you have FSM ?

seems like I remember something 'different' about #6 ex from the other valves....can't remember if it's the 'value' or the 'how' . . .oh, mines a 94 (FZJ80)

If it's running well, that valve can't be too far out....
The 1FZ never requires adjustment, correct? If that's the case, it SHOULD be within spec.
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FSM has been on my wish list, but so far- this forum has supplied me with a fantastic amount of info. I saw reference to warming the engine after I had already finished the job. I do think that was for pushrod engines (which makes sense- the rods will get longer). Just not sure on DOHC engines.
I do know the difference with #6- you can't use the tool to pull the shims, as the firewall is in the way. The camshafts have to be pulled. That said, one valve- one thousandth out- will have to stay that way!!!
Thanks, Drew

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