17 April at Noon

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Feb 19, 2008
Anyone want to meet up at Bessingers today at noon. I am going to meet Rover there with his new 60 series if interested. I will park in back in grass unless Michael has it roped off....
Who's buying me lunch?
I should be in there. I am trying to sell my car as we speak so it is possible I may be tied up with that.
It was nice meeting you Brock and BBQ BOY. Hope to make it to some events and meetings. Thanks for the tips and I will give Lextech a call.

Had a good meet with Rover24 (Ed) and BBQBoy (Michael) at the eating place....the 60 is really clean with a good solid body and frame...just some worn and torn floor rugs and headliner but rest is pretty good.

Told him to get over to see Glenn and get it inspected so he can prioritize items to get fixed and decide what he needs Glenns help with and what he can do himself as he has time....that way he knows and can get some confidence built in it. He has a noisy drivetrain...and looks like rear main seal...and some other things but figured Glenn would be one to give it a good once over.

Look forward to seeing Rover at the May club meeting and maybe we can get him up to Uwharrie if Glenn gives him a clean bill of health or at least with only minor issues to be of concern. :D :D

He does custom cabinet work with his family...always good to have a varying background of skills and contacts in a club like ours to help eachother or give direction if nothing else.
He just got it a month or so ago from someone in North Carolina.... so he has JUST caught the fever of Land Cruisers and it is already setting in hard....just ask his wife. LOL
keep in mind, Cabinet makers make incredibly awesome rear drawer slides!.....
Yeah, was thinking about doing that. If a few people want them we can all design something together. Then I can program it for my CNC machine and cut 1 or 100 all the same. everybody buys there material and ill cut them. ( I may have some small scrap to supliment)
Lets get together...I have some scrap wood and we can come up with a design together based on some I have seen and I am sure some ideas you have... I would get one for sure.

I want two drawers..one for tools and spare parts...one for guns and other items not left in all the time. Room to mount my CO2 tire inflation setup and some other ideas.

Thanks for offer Ed...
yeah but those will cost you a kidney, a limb or at least one small child to purchase.....I have checked into them. Some good work though but I only need the carpet on top...and thought about raising floor of drawers so the hardwood side panels of drawers would act like runners....sand em smooth, put some wax on them or light coating of grease...and let them burnish themselves for ease of drawing out. I also would skeletonize the under part of drawers to save weight. Those are nice though.
They had drawings on that site I think.
You should have the entire box on tracks too so you can roll the entire thing out for ease of access.
Kyle built such a thing in a Dodge truck he had in the bed. You should ask him about it.

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