17" and 18" wheels with tires forsale, Chicago area (1 Viewer)

Oct 10, 2005
SET#1 -

Enkei RT6 Wheels 18" - Tires Vogue Custom Built 285/60/18
tires have about 60%, they look good
wheels have a couple small imperfections in the clearcoat, you need to up close to see them. nicks have been touched up using touch up paint. one wheel has a 3" light curbing. includes chrome center caps.


SET#2 -

GARA 17" Wheels - Tires General 255/70/17
17x8 wheels - offset is identical to factory Toyota wheels
tires are near new! only 1000 miles on them.
wheels have small nics from road debris, they were touched up using touch up paint. no curbing. center caps included with key.


SET #3 -

Akuza Zone Performance Wheels
18x8.5 Wheels with chrome center caps.
Silver painted with polished lip.
Tires are Pirrelli Scorpion 285/55/18.
2 Tires are at about 70%
1 Tire is at about 60%
Last tire has some outter wear from bad camber alignment, the rest of the tire is at 60%.
Tires will last you another year easy.
Wheels are in good condition, 2 have slight curbing. Again, you need to be up close to see them clearly. Nicks have been touched up using touch up paint.


255/60/17 Dunlop SP5000 tires. they have about 40% life left.


Complete set of lug nuts available.
No shipping, only for folks local to Chicago area.
Will drive up to 45 minutes to meet someone though.

GARAs with old Dunlop tires


Akuzas - here's what they look like, mine are not chrome.

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