16x10 wheels ; clearance ...

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Mar 27, 2003
Chicks at Starbucks were teasing that my Ginger Bread Lattes might make me fat ... ::) :flipoff2: :flipoff2: :flipoff2:

So I figure , if I'm gonna get fat , I may as well fatten the cruiser ... sides , I'm bored . Sewing machines in the shop , so new sheers are out ... :rolleyes:

I'd like ( as always ) to try 16x10 wheels . I only have the light-front , med-rear OME lift , but have no after market bumperage etc . I was wondering if there is another tell tale way I can assess my setup for proper clearance ? Can I garnish the necessary hints by simple hub to fender measurements ? I know some guys here run 16x10 , but run heavier setups . Difference being they also hang some pretty heavy metal off the frame rails . Makes me wonder if my setup might approximate theirs ; in terms of clearance ?

Also , what should be said of backspacing ? I think I read in archives that the original BS would suffice . Anyone agree ?

Tyler -- Go fat or go home ! And um not talkin bling :flipoff2: :slap:
One thing you;ve got to take into consideration as well is something I'm having a problem with. Don't know if there is a "scientific" name for it or not, but my best description would be the diameter of the plate that holds the 6 hole lug pattern. Mine is too big, it doesn't taper off to the outer rim fast enough and has maybe a monkey hair of clearance between the rim and the rotor. The PO seems to have actually ground them down a bit to make them fit.

Just wanted to bring it up before you go and buy a set that rubs the rotors.
Safado , I've heard of guys grinding to fit 15" wheels ... so can you confirm you are speaking of 16" ?! ---- thanx
Hey T.

Christo runs 16x10 with 3.25 backspacing. they will rub with full compression unless you lower the bumpstops. He is quite fond of them as they improve the stance of a lifted vehicle.

Mickey Thompson/Alcoa has an alloy wheel in 16x10 that has stock 4.5 inch backspacing. It ia a beautiful wheel and I have coveted them for some time now.

Franco had 16x10 homeboy rims with 305 70s, and he got some rubbing on the rear fender well. That was on Trail 42 in AZ, which has lots of twistup sections. Very fun trail, BTW.
what tyre size?

The 10's with the backspaces mentioned will fit well. In 16" no caliper clearance probs in the rear, but later 80's with 15" will need a groove ground in the caliper on the rear to clear.

You may get some slight rubbing on the front on the lock, and in the rear wells at full travel, but if your tyres dont rub, it means you can fit bigger ones. 8)
Dan , which wheel were you thinking of ? The Classic I or II ? Or the big bacon classic ? I looked at the Classic , but I thought they had a different BS ...

Shed Guy , I'm running 315/75R16 BFG AT KO's on stock wheels . It's a Latte cruiser , so I don't I'll be flexing over anything more than Starbucks wussy curbs . Think I'll run into problems running 16x10's with my light/med setup ?

Also Dan is mentioning 4.5" BS .. but I also hear 3.25 working . So within my setup , which BS is optimal for minimal rubbing ?

Thanx :beer:

I forget the name but it's the one with the little round holes around the edge. Last time I looked, they listed a 16x10, 6 on 5.5 BC and 4.5 inches backspacing. That back spacing matches stock. I would think the rub risk would be less.

Mine are BFG 37's on 17" rims with 3 1/4 backspacing. The calipers seem to have been shaved a bit so that they fit, but they just barely do.
[quote author=cruiserdan link=board=2;threadid=7147;start=msg59584#msg59584 date=1068093359]
Tyler look here:


The 16x10 shows 4 7/16 BS , close enuf :p


... and this from the guy that always brings up the topic of hubcentric vs lugcentric? :slap: :slap: :flipoff2: :D

Tyler, you know you'll just take whatever comes in pink to match yer knickers. :flipoff2: :D :D :D
Anyone running 16x10s with 4"BS? I have a line on some and was wondering if they would tuck under with a 34x12.50 or if I will rub as well.

Thanks! :cheers:
"and this from the guy that always brings up the topic of hubcentric vs lugcentric?"

Junk, that aint me. you be thinkin' of the Wulf
[quote author=cruiserdan link=board=2;threadid=7147;start=msg59724#msg59724 date=1068128327]
"and this from the guy that always brings up the topic of hubcentric vs lugcentric?"

Junk, that aint me. you be thinkin' of the Wulf

but I thought you were one and the same. just split personalities. :flipoff2: only weird thing is your both :flipoff2:ers :flipoff2: :D

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