$164 for the Accelerator Cable???? San Diego PRICES??

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Jan 7, 2015
First I paid $14.49 EACH for the 2 bulbs that go in the rear defroster switch!

Now the dealer quoted me $164 for the accelerator cable! Part 78180-60280

I have read others paying no more than $120!

I am just going to adjust the cable at the throttle body with the 2 nuts for now.
Why would you buy anything from the dealer? That's just begging to have your anus violated. I paid $91.87 from these guys, and a few bucks more for shipping

Lithia Toyota sells cheap too.
I better go that route, thank you. I read others buying some cable from Rock Auto that was crap so I wanted to make sure I got OEM.
Did you ask cdan or beno???
With the deals and knowledge they offer on OEM, it's a no brainier
Sometimes the NEWBS need schooling. I will PM CDAN right now. Thanks Guys!

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