16" Steel Spare from a Tacoma on a 40?

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Apr 4, 2013
I've looked around and haven't seen anything about using wheels from a Tacoma or Tundra on a 40. I really dig the looks of them and was wondering if they will fit around my WARN barrel-style hubs and if the 6 lug bolt pattern is the same?
I believe the center bore on the wheel is 106.1mm but I don't know what the OD of the WARN hub is. I currently have 255/85 R16 tires.

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 9.30.18 AM.png
255/85 R16 tires.
I have the same question and currently run the same tires, albeit on disc brakes all around. Backspace may also be an issue.

Hope you (we) get an answer.
I'm curious about 17" on a 40 as well.
This issue is the center bore. The 17”
FJC wheels don’t have the issue.

Some of the 16” steel versions fit and some don’t. I don’t know which part numbers work and which don’t, but I bought a 16” and it wouldn’t fit (center bore too small) on my 1989 4Runner (similar bore as 40 Series) but the spare from under my 1998 4Runner fit fine.
The factory steelies off my 06 tacoma clear the center hub but the tie rod ends drag the inside edge of the rim fairly badly. Same story with the aluminum early 00's taco wheel shown.


I have a 2005 tacoma and confirmed the bolt pattern is the same. 6 x 5.5 (139.7). This aftermarket wheel (16x8) fit perfectly over the hub. The wheel is 4.5" BS and I did have to add a 1" spacer to clear the brakes.

Note I still have the small wheels / tires on. This was simply a test fit of the tacos 35s to see where I stand, how much lift and what type of cutting I'd need to do as I figure out what I want to do with this over time.

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