For Sale 16" FJ45 Split Rims - 9 pieces

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Sep 28, 2002
Kamloops, BC Canada
United States
I have 9 split rims sitting in my yard that have come off late 1970s FJ45s.

They still have the tires on them, and I am not going to take these off... they are heavy, and will need some cleaning up.

I can sell all 9 units, or a set of 5 and a set of 4 - you choose. I really do not want to sell these individually, the hassles and time used up in the process are just not worth it for me.

One pair of rims is still attached to a 1977-ish FJ45 Full Floating (FF) Rear Axle Assembly... you can make me a reasonable offer and take this away as a package deal if you want. FF rear axles are cool :)

These things are heavy, as I mentioned only a couple of lines up. I can stack them on a pallet and strap them down, and you can arrange shipping. Pallet/strapping costs are extra.

$50 USD each (Cash Price) is a fair price for these rims... the tires come with them for free ;) If you want to make me another reasonable offer for the purchase of all 9, then go for it.

--> Please contact me directly at 250 746 8977 or via my website.

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