For Sale 16" 6-Lug alloy rims, 4 of them. 100 bucks. (1 Viewer)

Sep 16, 2008
(Pictures to come)
I have 4 rims with tires still on for sale in California's Northbay. The tires are worn, but would serve for rolling a project around in a shop, or you could ditch them alltogether, I'm charging nothing extra for them.

These rims are, according to the shop that removed them, "Mags", whatever they are, I have no use for them, and would gladly accept payment in exchange for them finding a happy home.

In my local cragislist, I'm selling them for $150, but for a fellow 'Mudder, I'm asking 100 even.

They're in excellent condition, my sole reason for their removal is that I have no use for shiny rims. Not my cup of tea. I have no use for them at all, and would just as soon have them relocated from my yard.

For 20 bucks extra, I can drive them as far south as Novato, as far north as Clearlake, as far east as Yountville, or as far west as Bodega. Local meets within Santa Rosa would not cost extra.

I'm also willing to offer them in exchange for smaller parts useful for a 1983 Hilux, especially a front DS, or a partial exchange for a W56, or RF1A.
I will upload the pics on the morning of 12 April 2011.
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