Wanted 15x10s and/or 33 12.50s anywhere en route from NC to CO

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Jan 30, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
United States
I'm driving from NC to CO in a couple of weeks which expands my purchasing area. :steer::steer:

So if you have 4 15x10 wheels and/or some 33x12.50s (prefer MTs) I may be your guy to take them off your hands on the way to Colorado from North Carolina.

Wheels need to be a bolt pattern for 87 FJ60. I will probably then ask you how they fit with your setup (tire/wheel/lift).
Tires and Rims

I just bought a restored Fj40 with BF Goodrich Radial Mud-Terrain T/A 33 x 12.5 R15LT Tires and Wagon Wheel Rims. 50 miles or less on them.The truck also came with the stock rims which I put on to bring back to original.See attached pictures.I'd like to get $500 out of the four rims and tires.Located in Green Bay WI 54304.
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Just mapquested it. It is kind of a detour. Let me call friggin' uhaul and see what the exact charge is when I go over the alloted 2000 miles included in the rental.
12.5 x 15 tires

I'm not familiar with the 60 bolt pattern. What I can tell you though is $500 is a deal on the tires alone.I believe their about $175 each.Call my cell phone 920 660-1100 if you think they will work for you.Thanks Mike
Holy Hell. No, I know that is a great deal. And if they fit, those are the exact rims I had envisioned. I just have to get with Uhaul to get an estimated cost for additional miles. It is 400 miles "out of my way" and if those 400 cost me the same as a new set of tires, well then I break even. Don't get me wrong. I KNOW this is an awesome deal. Uhaul will be contacting me tomorrow (they call the day before pick up to discuss your personal needs & questions) because I pick up the van and car carrier monday.

I'll keep you posted.
K. I'm very interested and I KNOW this is a great deal. Uhaul charges an extra $.40/mile each additional mile over 2K and our trip, without the detour is just under that. So, the extra 800 round trip to you puts me at near $350. Still a deal, but at that point, I'd rather pay you extra to ship 'em.

I really want these tires & wheels....I'll give you a call later today.

$275 picked up in Edwards, Colorado for the set of 5.
Not exactly pick up, but I can have these shipped to your door for 250. Consider the tyres a bonus that you can sell if you want.



El Matador: when you say "these" which of the above things offered (the BFGs w/rims or the 5 set of rims) are you talking about? You have my attention.
Well that was nice of you.

Matador, thanks but not what I'm looking for. Assuming the link posted in the post above is what you are talking about.

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