$1500 front brakes!

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Oct 16, 2004
North of Boston
:frown:So, finally had Mr Toyo look at my front brakes. Right pull in wheel & caliper, disc was fairly warm, so I figured at least the rh side may need a caliper.

So, shop calls, yup rh calip. hanging up, shows wear in pads & some on rotor. lh side showing some signs too, so both sides need calipers (new, no Toyo rebuilds) pads, pull rotors & repack bearing.

$1550, $400 each for calipers; yet parts quoted me $460 something last week, so serv rep will adjust for that, plus a $100 past customer coupon.

Awful lots of money to my thoughts. New pads & rotors at Toyo done 35k ago.

Truck is a 2000, 122k on clock.

Oh & driven in New England.

Any one have any other experience? Good brake shop that may do rebuilts, which I think are $160 each.

I just don't have the time or FSM to do myself.

Any input would be appreciated, esp someone you can recomend in the Boston area.

I dont know about those prices as I dont go to the dealers much. If you are located in the Mass/NH area why dont you try calling the Land Cruiser shops in the state for quotes, cant hurt... Off the top of my head, there's Cruiser Solutions over toward the Salem'ish area and cruiserparts.net? on the western part of NH over by the Vermont border. Good luck
Call Dan for the calipers, find name brand pads on the internet, do the work yourself and save some cash.

Dan's prices should be rather close to the numbers below:

Calipers = $295 each
Pads = $55 set
Rotors = $80 each

Total = $805 minus shipping

Find out how much time he has in for labor and make a sound financial decision.

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