$1500 FJ80 with tweaker busted ignition lock cylinder (1 Viewer)


Aug 23, 2011
Reno, NV
Just picked this up today. I was going to harvest it for parts for a coil conversion for my 62 and part out the rest but it came with a title and the PO said it ran until a tweaker tried to steal it so I might make it my plow truck. I can get the key in and unlock the steering wheel lock, but I can't get it to turn to the ACC position so I can release the tab that allows the cylinder to pop out.

Any ideas how to get it started? I am thinking about just drilling out the release button at the bottom and hopefully freeing the cylinder. If I can get that out, then its a $50 aftermarket part.



Apr 27, 2021
Round Rock, Texas
Presumably you have already attempted to turn the steering wheel back and forth with force to try to free the lock cylinder, if that doesnt work then the whole assembly can be removed. There should be two safety bolts that hold the ignition switch carrier to the column on the left side that the heads break off during installation, usually theyre gold colored. Patience and a small hacksaw blade will allow you to cut a slot for a flat-head screwdriver in them or you may have enough room to use a drill bit and an easy-out. Then you can get the whole switch assembly out and in an easier place to work with it.

Then, at the back of the mechanical switch, you can unscrew the electrical switch and you can start the vehicle, no key needed. You may even be able to wiggle yourself back under the column and get to the small screw that holds the electrical switch in the mechanical switch housing. without having to do what I mentioned above

You could also take the whole column out but thats more work at the splines than you probably wanna get into.

I did this on a 99 4runner about a year ago that would not allow me to lock the column and remove the key if it was parked on an incline, but ive removed more than one FZJ80 steering column in my life. Theyre basically the same animal.

Or just buy the electrical part of the switch from the dealership and unplug the harness, plug into the new one, and youre good since youve got the column unlocked already.

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