15" wheel on an FZJ80

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Feb 4, 2006
Will 15" rims fit on a 95-97 FZJ80, or will they hit some brake and steering parts?
Use the search.
I did, and it seems most guys are running the 16" factory alloys, the searches I did didnt turn up any real answers. Im just buying axles for my rig and need to know if i can use a 15" wheel.
If they wheels have 2.5" or less backspacing.
ginericfj80 said:
If they wheels have 2.5" or less backspacing.

Im guessing then the brake rotors are outside the wheel and unprotected?
The caliper on the REAR will interfere, with *most* 15" wheels. Some folks have used a grinder to clearance the small amount of caliper that does interfere...most just stick with 16 or 17 inch wheels.

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