15" versus 16" steelies, Stockton request

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May 25, 2007
Boulder, Colorado
Mornin' all,

Yep - another wheel/tire thread.....

So I've been obsessing for the last few days/weeks about wheel/tire options for my fairly stock 76 FJ40. It's got a set of ugly aftermarket wheels on it, and I want to return to the stock steel look. The tires are 8 years old and cracking, so I can't wait too long.

My debate is whether to go with the OEM steelies in 15x5.5 with a 33x10.5 tire, versus buying a 16x7 steel wheel and running 255/85 tires (Trxus MT's or KM/KM2's). I'll have a 2 - 2.5" spring lift by the time I install the wheels/tires. The 16" wheel would appear to give me more options for tire choice in 33" tall/skinny, since a lot of the 15" seem to be 33x12.5. Running 16" wheels also gives me the option of tire swapping with my Tacoma (with spacers, of course). The 15x5.5 feels a bit narrow for a 10.5" tire, even though lots of folks are running this setup.

I've found lots of threads where Stockton custom steelies are mentioned (20 or 22 Series) as an option, and several cases where OEM wheels were widened by Stockton, but I can't find any pictures of the Stockton 20 or 22 Series wheels actually mounted.

Anybody got pics of Stockton 20 or 22 steelies in a 40? Any other pros/cons to consider?
I was planning on going this route as well. I am leaning towards 16" even though tires will be more expensive.
I just went to stock steelies. Mine are 15" and are from a later model 55 that had disks. I love the look and only wish I had a taller tire. Tires are currently 31X10.5 BFG AT's.

I'm in Houston also. Do you have any lift? That looks pretty darn good to me. If it's lifted, how much? I have stock steel wheels too, no lift.

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