14B swap for 13BT ?

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Oct 31, 2007
Garden Route, ZA
I have a problem with my cranckshaft wich allready broke 2 pulleys. So the third one is on the way (from Japan) and I will either have the cranck fixed or replaced. The key way on the cranck has too much play now. See here Land Cruiser Club - Southern Africa My Account User Login

Now I'am thinking aloud, replace my 13BT with a 14B and bolt on the turbo, keep all the acc. of the 13BT as spares and I should have an engine were spares are more common in RSA ?

I know somebody did the 14B swap on their 3B/13BT, but can't find anything on it. Please comment on my idea.............
Spallet swapped out his 3b w/ turbo on his BJ70. It's what the 70 should have always had. Ridden in it- its sweet. He's not on Mud too much though. It mated to the H55.
hi.. I swapped my 13BT for a 14B. Here in Kenya it is easier to get the 14B engine. 13BT not so common.
Works fine though no turbo, but amazing torque..
Guy in Texas did it with the 14bt, couple details but otherwise pretty easy he claimed.

It was a heck of a clean swap, I viewed it on my last trip.

I'm nearly sure that a 14B crank will fit in your 13bt. You can use your same rods but you'll need some 14BT pistons. I've been planning on stroking my 13BT this way but I'm waiting to find out if Mahle makes 14BT pistons or not. (they do make 13BT) Stedman-san can supply a new crankshaft directly from Japan.

Just curious...What application uses the 14B and is so popular in Africa?
In Southern Africa ( below eqator), the Cruiser wasn't sold with the Jap engine, it had a locally built ADE ( Atlantis Diesel Engineering) engine of 3.8l (4cyl), but low revving with huge amounts of torque. The 14B is a much more common drive plant in that is still availlible in the new Dyna trucks.
swap the 13bt for the 14b...use the turbo and manifold of the the 13bt...great engine in the 70 series
Just curious...What application uses the 14B and is so popular in Africa?

Toyota dyna,they may even use them in the Coaster in some markets.

This is a good list with pics of what toyota truck and bus engines go where

I've fitted a 14B-T in my BJ42, Feel free to P.M. me if you have any questions benniebez.
Not on hand, i'll take some this weekend and post them.
Does anyone know what the internal differences are between a14B and a 14BT?

I havent been able to find any specs for the 14B-T apart from an (unconfirmed) power output of 140HP. Compression ratio, boost pressure etc... is unknown.

From what i've seen the internal differences are -

Pistons - different thickness ring land, size of combustion chamber and piston/gudgeon/wrist pin (14B 32mm/14B-T 34mm).

Conrod - different little ends to suit piston pin size. Late 13B-T uses the same conrod as the 14B-T.

Conrod part numbers -

13201-59165 14B-T 1989/10-1995/05

13201-59065 13B-T 1985/10-1988/08
13201-59155 13B-T 1988/08-1989/06
13201-59165 13B-T 1989/06-1990/01

Exhaust valves - they have different part numbers for their exhaust valves. The 14B-T have '14T' cast into the valve face.

Camshaft - they have different part numbers for their camshafts. Difference's unknown - valve timing no doubt.

The Toyota FSM's do not show valve timing specs (as far as ive seen), but i have a Daihatsu FSM for the post 1988/08 B and 14B which does.

B and 14B are the same -

Intake open 16° BTDC
Intake close 52° ABDC
Exhaust Open 52° BBDC
Exhaust close 14° ATDC

Now whos got the 14B-T specs? :hmm:

Out of interest the same manual states -

Compression ratio - B 21.3/14B 18.0
Maximum output B 76.4HP/3600rpm/14B 95.2HP/3400rpm
Maximum torque B 187NM/2200rpm/14B 247NM/2000rpm

Oil pump - The B, 11B, 13B-T, 14B and 3B use the same pumps, while the 14B-T, 15B-F and 15B-FT use the same.

Cylinder head - the heads have different part numbers, difference unknown.

11101-58040 14B
11101-58060 14B-T

The 14B-T head has '58060' cast into it, unsure about 14B.

Thats about it... i think...
Any pics of the install into the BJ 42?:p
I've fitted a 14B-T in my BJ42, Feel free to P.M. me if you have any questions benniebez.
Hi all, avid reader here, first time I ask something though....sort of realted to this thread....have a BJ42 from 1984 with a 3B engine. As I need to overhaul the engine was wondering if with minor modifications you could put a 14B or 14BT head on top of the stock 3B block...is that crazy? exscuse my ignorance.
@leonelcanut The 3B is an 'indirect injection engine' which has flat top pistons and pre-combustion chambers in the cylinder head. The 14B is a 'direct injection' engine which has a flat head and bowls in the pistons. They use different injectors. They are fundamentally different technology engines. Converting one to the other is more work than just changing the cylinder head.

You're best off just buying a complete 14BT engine.

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