$145,000 for a 2001 LX470 ...

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Mar 17, 2016
Advance, NC
Ebay. 13 bids to $145,111 for a 2001 LX470.
It had just over 1,000 miles.
If this is *real*, I should have parked my 2002 LX470 I purchased last year with only 24,000 miles, and offered it for $50K.

2001 Lexus LX 470 / Toyota Landcruiser FJ100 (only 1k miles) | eBay

Reserve Not Met :cautious:

Clearly it's not worth that... it's not lifted. There were no Slee accessories. It still had the running boards. And it probably still has the "what is the thing hanging down on the right side frame" installed
Even better - CarFax will show Salvage!

The unique history of this truck is that it was stolen off a Lexus dealer lot back on 2001 before ever being delivered to a customer. The truck was then stored for many years inside a warehouse along 20+ other high end exotics. The entire collection in this warehouse was eventually recovered. This LX sat amongst Ferraris and other missing exotics for many years. Because the insurance company paid off the Lexus dealership back in 2001 a carfax will show "salvage" back in 2001 but this is simply that way it was picked up in the carfax computers when the insurance company paid it off. There was never any accident or damage to this truck which can be seen in an inspection. In addition the truck is on a clear NJ title.
For a rare car, I totally get this sort of inflated price because it has no miles... but for a 100 series? Of which they made nearly 100,000? I suspect the bidders had an arrangement with the "seller" and the reserve was well above their bids and all parties planned it that way from the start.

Maybe someone trying to get a data point for an inflated valuation or something?

I can't believe a couple or more people were willing to pay $140k+ for a plain 2001 100 series.
It looks like it was only one individual bidder creeping up incrementally to try to hit the reserve, which it did not. Bidding started at $140k. Not sure I find all of this legit with an actual bidder willing to pay that much considering the bidding patterns.
Listing says 13 bids from four separate bidders.

I've a hard time believing even one person would pay that much for a 100 series, even in this condition.
:rofl::rofl: This has destroy some drunk fleabayer's life over in as little as two clicks.

I guarantee it's a scam. Although if you look at what the 40 series market has done in the last 15 years should be criminal too. But either way, to each their own.
It may not be a scam, but not $145k for a 100 series. May be the seller may get that figure 15 years from now ;)

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