13bt pump timing

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Aug 12, 2014
Near Charlottesville, VA
I don't have a spare or salvaged injector hard line lying around to modify for the injector pump spill timing.
Is this a certain size that I can find at the salvage yard or local parts store?
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No one knows?
I am unconvinced the little extender tube is absolutely required. Diesel is incompressible therefore a rise observed looking directly down into the Delivery Valve holder will be visible at the same instant as the same rise in an extender tube. I think the tube just makes it easier to see. Regardless, any specialist diesel shop/fitter would be able to provide one as the fitting is VERY common on inline injection pumps. Take an injector line in with you, or an injector.

As for wreckers, if you can find an older diesel Mercedes this will have the same injector line fittings as your 13BT.
We have wreckers nearby so I will ask about old Mercedes.
We have wreckers nearby so I will ask about old Mercedes.

Very common line. I used a line from a John Deere tractor. I'm pretty sure most of the inline bosch/zexel/ND pumps will work.

I also agree with @duncanrm that you probably don't need that extender. You just need to see the fuel move and that makes it easier.

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