13BT oil pan leak

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Dec 10, 2008
Benders, OZ.
Hi Guys,

I have an oil leak on my cruiser. Looks like it's the sump gasket but maybe a rear main. I had the clutch done and new rear mail seal about five months ago. I've got some pictures to show where it's leaking. Hopefully someone can help identify the problem or has seen this before.



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Since the oil is located in the front of the pan and oil migrates front to rear it looks like your leak is coming from the front of the engine, I would look at the front main seal, the pan seal, or the front timing gear cover. I believe you can change out the front seal by pulling the crank pulley and the dampener, look at the seal surface of the dampener if it is grooved when you install a new seal move it so you pick up a fresh surface, or better yet sleeve it to get a new surface.
You said you put a new pan gasket on it? Toyota doesn't use a gasket they used silicone, if you put in a gasket was it cork? If it is cork and it is aftermarket I would take it out and use silicone, I prefer Permatex Ultra Blue, Ultra Black or Ultra Copper. I used an aftermarket gasket cork type in my 13BT and it fell apart within weeks, I had leaks out the front and back.
Good luck

Thanks for the info Jake. The gasket that's on there now is a silicone tube gasket. Ultra blue I think. I ran my hand round the edge of the pan and can tell that it's a gasket in a tube type stuff. I have also searched threads and found that after 1985 Toyota only used silicone gaskets.

I might nip up!!! the oil pan bolts and degrease it for the moment and see what happens. This might buy me some time before I pull the pan and slop some goop on it.

Once the oil pan is off is there anything I can check n the bottom end of the engine? Are there any matainence or servicable things to look after while the oil pan is off?

Thanks Mudders!!!

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