13B-T Lift Pump leaking diesel fuel in to motor oil FIXED

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Feb 26, 2006
Black Rock Desert, Western Nevada, USA
For about five years now I've been searching how diesel fuel is in getting in to my motor oil. About five years back the 13B-T almost had a RUN-A-WAY thank god this engine has a flapper valve engine stop and stopped the engine. The motor oil had 8% diesel fuel in it and was sucking the the motor oil as fuel. So in the last five years had the following tested and checked for leaks injectors, rings & valves. Everything is inline with spec's. But when inspecting the IP they found the Lift Pump was leaking diesel fuel. The push rod seal was leaking so it was replaces. But the funny thing here is, in Toyota's parts & service manuals and two other manuals this seal is not service part. See Below. So you need to replace the whole pump per Toyota. Not So. So per Denso these are service parts. See Below

Denso Part Numbers for 3B & 13B-T:

192290-0060 Lift Pump Overhaul Gasket Kit, for pump type KE & KS
152116-0200 Lift Pump Check Valve, Spring
949150-2700 Lift Pump Push Rod, Seal ( not in Toyota's parts & service manuals )




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