1310 driveshaft flange yoke

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Sep 8, 2009
I am finally ready to worry about a front driveshaft and would like to use the chevy one that I already have. I have posted in the wanted section and having no luck, maybe cause what I am looking for doesnt exist. Does anyone know if there is either a driveshaft side flange that takes a 1310 ujoint that will bolt to my 56mmx64mm pinion flange, or a pinion yoke I can put in there with 10 spline coarse with 1310 on the end? Or maybe I am missing an easier option. I know I can call a driveshaft shop and have them make me one but I kinda a do it yourselfer and more importantly I am flat broke in the "truck fund". Maybe somebody has half a front driveshaft laying around they dont need? thanks for any ideas!
I have a 1310 on my long travel front shaft. The flange I have would fit the smaller3 speed flange drilling out the holes alittle but I got a flange from cruiser outfitters and drilled new holes incase I have to run the rear up front. Call Kurt and ask him what you need. His web site also has the most common flanges picture d with measurement to give you an idea what your looking for
I am trying to do it the cheapest way possible, I know I could go have one made that would be perfect, but I dont have $300 for that right now.

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