13-BT engine mounts

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Jun 13, 2005
Borroloola, Australia
OK, easy question - I need to replace the engine mounts from the 13-BT in my BJ74.

I've unbolted the mounts, and have removed the rear mount - the one that bolts onto the gearbox. I was going to replace the rear mount as well, but the one that's there looks better than the new one, and is a few mm higher.

I figure the thing to do now is to just keep on jacking the engine higher until the mounts are cleared of their brackets, and can be pulled out.

Is that all? And is there anything I should watch out for, like vacuum hoses or whatever? Is there anything I could break off if I lift the engine up too much?

thanks, Peter
So I just jack that baby up? And the devil take the hindmost ...
Just watch things as you go. You might have to disconnect stuff... maybe the air intake hose? Anything that goes from the frame/chassis to the engine I'd watch (eg. fuel lines, exhaust). Get someone to help watch one side as you watch the other.

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