12v engine into 24v HJ61

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Feb 25, 2014
Portland, OR
I did some searching and found a few threads about putting 24v engines into 12v trucks, but not much about the inverse. I've got an HJ61 with bad engine/tranny, and a 12v turbo 3B & H55F combo to swap into it. The 3B/H55F are currently in another truck and probably not getting swapped soon, but eventually. For now, I'm trying to decide what's the best path forward. Can I simply replace EDIC, glow plugs, starter & alternator to 24v and be done with it? Is that recommended? Is there something else I should be considering?

Cheers :steer:
It's a great body & frame with a shot 2H in it, not a 12H-T. I've got a BJ60 with a great motor & tranny and a s*** body & frame. I like the turbo 3B a lot, I like the 5spd manual a lot and I like the HJ61 body a lot. Also I don't want to rebuild the 2H.

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