12HT Block Heater

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Mar 18, 2016
York, Maine
I have a 88 HJ61 with a 12HT, I am looking to install a block heater for this winter. I have read the threads on the lower radiator install kits, the stock 100v block heaters, and the DEFA 220V block heaters on ih8mud.
I am interested in putting a freeze plug heater in the cylinder head. Does anyone have any info on 120V block heaters that fit in our 12HT's in the states? Part numbers, wattage, diameter? Pictures of the install? And location of the freeze plug used?
Thank you!
The only place to install a block heater i found on the 12ht was the freeze plug at the back of the head , closest to the firewall .
I used a zero start lower rad hose heater on mine , and it always started with ease even at 20 below

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