12h-t rocker shaft oil (1 Viewer)

Apr 25, 2003
Hi can any one help, I have a Toyota Coaster with a 12H-T engine and no oil getting to the rocker shaft, I think the camshaft may have been replaced at some time and the foward cam bearing is installed incorrectly.
can anyone tell me if the oil feed to the rocker comes from the foward cam bearing as I assume or from somewhere else?
Steve Gardiner Bristol England
Jan 20, 2003
Wherever the truck stops!!
The 12H-T was never available out here in the colonies (North America). We never got access to the factory turbo engines. If the 2H is the same try www.cruizers.com, there is much more diesel info there. There is even a guy rebuilding a 2H! I'm sure there are Aussie websites which could help you out even better.

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