119 Trail September 3-5

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Jun 25, 2012
Delburne, Alberta
Let's go. Get organized Friday nIght, same camp. Expect big trenches and a bit of fancy winching perhaps. If time allows I'd also like to check out a possible loop trail accessible from a point near the end of main route, depending on circumstances of course. Who's in?
I cant make that work due to a wedding but am available either the weekend of the 13th or the 27th. Would either of those work? I can head out early on either Thursday or Friday. Would love to do this trail again and have time to explore.
is this that intense one that took you some time to get through in the winter?
Lookin at aug 26-28 got a few messages out in cell land to be returned. Yes this is the same trail me and fjtent did in the snow.
I won't be able to make it. My arm will be a week out of the hardware and probably still in a cast...
Speedy recovery, Eric. Gotta let that be. Better shoot me another text with your new cell I managed to destroy the last one lol. Maybe arrange a co pilot seat decoco? 26 27 28 will be the dates
I would be happy to tag along, I can bring a play list of hipster music and hip hop.
Just saw the pictures from the winter trip, that trail looks sweet. I'm secretly hoping my arm won't be that bad so I could join but I don't think that will happen and this doesn't seem like a 1 arm on the wheel kinda run...

Oh and I txt'd my # to ya.

Looks like me utoopoo and bwakeling so far, waiting to hear from fjtent and jared. How's the arm Eric? Ruby is a possibility for me.
I'm out of a cast as of yesterday but I may as well still be in it since I still have absolutely no movement with it...

2 weeks of minor use then physio starts...
I'm not making this trip :(

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