#11 Dune Beige bodywork and paint 40 series

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kelly saad

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Apr 24, 2014
Flagstaff Arizona
FYI, This is labeled "11" because the other 10 are in the 60 forum. New to the 40 section here, so this is the first.

The project:

1. Disassemble vehicle, remove doors, top, fenders, and windshield.
2. Strip entire vehicle to bare metal.
3. Remove rear tub half. Disassemble and rebuild.
4. New quarter panels and any rusted sections of inner fenders. Likely will make new inner fenders.
5. Fabricate all new braces under rear tub section, and any other parts that are unavailable.
6. Sand blast remaining rust, treat bare metal with POR-15 Metal Prep and/or Zinc primer.
7. Exterior paint, B/C, wet sand, and polish.
8. Assemble.

Its rusty. The previous paint job had bubbles in the body filler everywhere. They coated 1/2" thick fiberglass filler over all the rust, and that was fun to remove. :p

Disassembly of all the rear panels. Some can possibly be sand blasted and reused. I will most likely make all new parts for this. The inner fenders are in bad condition and I would rather make new ones than patch up the old. Also, the braces on the underneath side of the rear floor too, I will make new ones. Upside down in the picture below.

Man, that first picture goes to show how nice a rusty rig can look with a carefully chosen camera angle!

Looking good, man! lots of work ahead of you, but it looks like you know what you're doing. Good luck
Some progress photos. This has taken far too long, but I have been slammed trying to get caught up. Its about to get exciting though :cool:


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