100k service & alternator replacement recommendations

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Jan 22, 2015
I'm going to be ordering a 100k service kit from @cruiseroutfit by the end of the week. Additionally I'll be going to the dealership for an alternator and battery wiring. I've debated doing the starter as well, but the cost at this time is prohibitive. That said, aside from what has been mentioned, is there anything I should look to do "while I'm in there"?
Not sure what your actual mileage is but if this is for the 98, probably do hoses, (radiator?) and a few other items.

This thread has a detailed parts list for a high mileage service-
The "Complete Parts List" for 180K Service
Heater tees if you haven’t already.
YOur alternator will need a new OEM brush kit ($15 at camelback), and new bearings. So don't spend a fortune for a new unit, just replace those 3 items and enjoy. Just remove the dust inside the alternator. If the armature has grooves cut in then you will need those two copper bushings and I saw a member here bought those from a shop in Dallas TX.
What are people using for the battery cable? Dealership doesn't have on on the cables. 0/1g wire? What fittings are on the alternator side?

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