100 transmission fluid exchange & transfer case fill plug q's

Nov 16, 2016
Bozeman, MT
Has anyone done a full fluid exchange with a pump system on their transmission locally? If so, which shops can do this? Not wanting to drain just 2 - 4 quarts at a time, but rather replace the entire amount (roughly 16 quarts) all at once. Willing to pay a "reasonable" amount...

Forgive me if this thread already exists...Has anyone replaced their transfer case fill plug with a 10mm hex vs. the standard 24mm head? Mine was rounded pretty bad (for the record, this wasn't me rounding it as I only use a 6 point socket). I asked toyota and they said they can only do the factory 24mm plug...not really believing this and thinking a new front differential fill plug (10 mm hex) might be compatible? I don't love hex, but might be better than rounded 24mm. Thoughts and input greatly appreciated.
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