100 series v8 landcruiser alternator not charging

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May 7, 2011
Hi all,

I have the 2004 100 series land cruiser with the 4.7ltr v8 and the battery is not being charged.

The first alternator was identified as being u/s by the local auto electrician.
A new alternator has been fitted and I suspected when collecting the car that the alternator was not charging the battery even though I was told it is by the toyota service centre.
24 hours later the lights got dimmer and dimmer confirming we still have an issue.
As this car is under warranty it is becoming rather frustrating trying to sort out this issue so I thought I might do some checking myself to understand what may be the issue and was wondering if someone might have experienced a similiar issue

It does have a dual battery system with a redarc smart charger unit fitted but I do not think this would be affecting the charging system.
Disconnect the battery isolator and test the alternator with each battery.

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