100 Series Sunroof Dimensions / Seal Photos Request

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Dec 14, 2020
Those of us on the GX470 forum have identified that the 100-series and 470 share a common part ID (63201G), but slightly different part numbers (6320160081 vs 6320160063) for the sunroof. The 100-series sunroof has a seal available separately for $80; for the 470 it's only available with the glass for $500-600.

Would someone be able to measure the dimensions of a 100-series sunroof and take some photographs of the seal? If they are indeed the same size with the same (or similar enough) seal, it would help us UZJ120 folks have quieter sunroofs for $80 instead of $600.
As soon as it warms up, I'll get you a couple.

FWIW, Toyota redesigned the sunroof seals after leaking problems on the 80s and that's why the 100 series seals are separate from the glass. I don't know about the 120s, but the 200 series seal is only available with the glass, just like the 80s. It's not a simple rubber strip; it's pretty complicated. Someone got a lifetime achievement award for that design, for sure.

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