For Sale 100 series stock parts

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Nov 28, 2014
Denver, CO
United States
After putting on my sliders, rack, bumpers and skid plates I have a bunch of stock parts taking up space in my garage and my wife is getting frustrated with the labrynth that I have created. All parts are off a 2004 LC thundercloud silver.

These parts are free (or maybe a good 6 pack or bottle of vino) to a good RS home:
- The front bumper cover guts are in good shape, someone already took the cover
- rear bumper cover and bits - I was backed into in a parking lot and there's a pretty good indentation and paint scrape on the drivers side
- Reese tow hitch - some surface rust, but overall good shape otherwise
- running boards in very good condition
- Plastic underbody cover with tabs trimmed from slider install.

I also have factory skid plates which I'd like to get at least a little money out of, so let's start at $50 and throw me offers. Also willing to trade for something I could use otherwise.

I also have a few wiring issues that need addressed, which I would welcome help solving in exchange.

Sorry local pick up in Denver only.
I could use the running boards and #2 under shield. I'm also looking for some roof rack parts. Not sure how well 04 will fit my 01 but can take a look. Wiring not my strong suit but I could take a look and bring 01 FSM if that helps.
PM my with your email and I can stop by today, if that works for you?
All gone except rear bumper cover and mud flaps, which are sitting in my alley now.

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