100 Series OEM skid plate...FREE

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Jun 18, 2007
South FL
United States
Came off my 2002 LX470, which I traded so no longer need this. It was never offroad, no dents or dings. I'd hate to scrap it when somebody might need it. Free free free. It's in Broward County, FL 33073 zip code. Probably not worth shipping even if it is free, but on your dime I can probably send it UPS. If you can arrange mudship, I will gladly meet up with the fellow mudder.
hi there-

You are talking about the front skid plate right, that covers the oil filter area?

I just bought a 2005 Cruiser and mine has a stripped bolt for oil access cover, mechanic said I would be better off to find a replacement rather than take to welder. Do you have any rough idea what it would be to ship UPS grnd. to zip code 30084 (Tucker GA) near Atlanta.

I was just in South Florida to pick the car up -wish I had known!

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