100 Series - LX 470 - Heater/AC Baffle Actuator

Aug 30, 2021
I have a 2001 LX 470, with 348k miles on it. And my heater works and sometimes does not. I believe the actuator motor on the a/c and heater baffle inside the dash is going out. Whenever I start the truck when it’s cold and I turn the temperature up to heat the truck, there is a knocking noise behind the dash and after a few knocks it does away and the truck will heat up. This knocking noise does not happen every time I start the truck cold. My engine dash temperature gauge seems to be working fine and I topped off the coolant as well.

Anyone have any videos or tips for relaxing this? And maybe other parts while I am doing that job that I should consider relaxing? Thanks for your help.

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