100 Series Infrequently Asked Questions (and other goodies)

Nov 24, 2020
Atlanta, Georgia
I'm not sure where the moderators should put this thread but here are just about all of the resources I have used since day 1

Misc info/FAQ

2001LC Master Thread
Download Techstream
100 Series FAQ Thread
90K Parts List (while you're in there)
Definitive ATF list for 100 series
Spare parts to carry (list)
Torsion bar FAQ


30K spark plug torque check
Broken door hinges & solution
Ironman front bumper carnage (solution: weld it)
'99 LX 4.7L is NOT an interfering engine


Door hinge wrench (good for fan clutch too)
LCA on-frame bushing removal (with tools/parts)
Brake line flaring tool


AC Compressor bearing replacement (removal of compressor NOT required) see also
LCA on-frame bushing removal (with tools/parts)
Idler Pulley Bearing
Rear water bypass leak (mine was leaking. replaced without removing intake)
Front water bypass leak
Front wheel bearings
Valve Cover Gaskets & see also
Transfer case fluid change
Rear diff fluid change
Front diff fluid change
Serp belt tensioner replacement
Basic paint correction
CV boot replacement
'99 LX ABS light warning
Master cylinder rebuild (DIY)
Fan bracket replacement (best to just do the whole timing belt)
Brake system flush
Sunroof weatherstrip replacement
Transmission fluid change
Reseal Evap cover (water on passenger's feet)
Timmy Toolman's 4.7L Timing belt videos
Crank but no start immobilizer (solution found here)
Steering flush & cleaning
Front diff bushings
Windshield channel rivets
Factory UCA install


PADDO's AHC method
ABC's of AHC
Removal of HCA (height control accumulator)
AHC active test


Reverse wire for backup camera (used this wire for additional reverse lights) see also
Antenna switch for winch control (DIY or with purchase of relay) see also & wiring diagram & see also also
Auxiliary Transmission Filters
Post-Lift rear pinion angle adjustment
HID conversion
LX470 Grille tuck mod for Ironman/ARB bumper hood access
Ben's 3D builds thread
Extended diff breathers
Front/rear diff plug hex key mod
LOKKA install on 99 LX with LSD
Poor man's 2WD conversion (useful in emergency i.e. blown front diff)
DIY aux cord install in OEM Nakamichi head unit
Ironman front bumper wiring
Clear corner lights mod (LX)
Mud flaps with sliders

My YouTube videos on technical/repairs/maintenance
OTRAMM YouTube videos on 100 series
Yota MD YouTube (helpful for 100 Series owners)
"ME MY" Paul "2001LC" YouTube videos on everything
Tinkerer's adventure YouTube videos on IFS myths, etc

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