Wanted 100 Series fender flares?

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Apr 14, 2019
United States
I am fixing up a 2000 Land Cruiser in River Rock green and it came with some aftermarket fender garnishments. Pretty sure they were put on at the port by Gulf States Toyota so they are not available through the dealer. I have searched car-part.com with no success. I have read where some people have removed theirs but they have kind of grown on me. I am looking for the left-rear quarter panel piece in order to complete the set. If you have one, let me know.


Search bushwacker fender flares and that will get you there, They are like 300$+ new. Don't come painted so that will cost you. I have a full set in beige if interested. Pm me if so.
PM you, I have one on my part out 99.
Pic of what I have, one has a scratch, would have to check when I get home which one I could probably buff it out if you are interested.

I am looking for (Thundercloud) gray fender flares. either all around, or just the back....in case you still have these. Thanks
Thanks for the reply. I think I'll pass on these; I may have a line on some gray ones. Regards!

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