100 Series EMP protection

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Oct 28, 2016
Have any fellow preparedness minded "tin foil hat" 100 series owners thought about how their 100 series would handle a potential EMP jolt (whether purposeful or deliberate)? I'm wondering if there are a list of sensors or items that would be worth keeping on hand if that were to happen, or if everything would be fried and wouldn't matter.
Some simple Googling says no.

Interesting article. I'm sure it's a difficult thing to model since EMP's aren't created all that often. It mentioned that the EMP commission study found that only 1 out of 50 cars would be permanently disabled by an EMP, so may not be that big of a deal.
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I have a VW thing and a 67 VW Bus for that.

VW thing, we were talking about them at work last week, the young guys had no idea what we were yakking about. They needed to look it up on google to see one. There is 1 that runs around town here in the summer.

I have my 65lpb for the big one,
If one were to park it in a very large faraday cage that should protect it right?

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