100 series drive train question

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Dec 17, 2003

I started noticing a very slight bumping sensation right after the take off, before transmission shifts to the second gear. It is less, or more noticeable depending on the amount of gas. Sometimes it feels like if I ran over a rock with my rear wheel, or something like that.
Today it is very cold outside, way below the freezing point and the whole thing went away completely. My guess is that it is some mount related and freezing helped it stiffen up.

Can you guys help with your suggestions.


I have a 98 LX470 and a 99 Land Cruiser, both vehicles do the same thing. So I don't think it's anything to worry about, but I would love to hear what causes it.
My 99 LC does it as well. 54k on the odometer.
I have 56K on the odometer and it is 2001 LX470.
I guess what we have here is a common thing and should not be too hard to investigate, I hope:)
I have a 98 LC with 55K, and the bumping noise I hear is in the transition between braking and take off, I thought it was either brakes or a shock/stabilizer mount. I checked it before a trip and couldn't find anything wrong so far.
The onnly other circumstance in which I hear the noise is while turning over a small dip in the street at slow speed, the noise seems to come from the back of the truck.
I finally went to the dealership today and had them test drive the truck. Sure enough they immediately reproduced the jerking and told me that it is definitely not normal. It could be 3 different things:
One of the mounts, or
2 of which are covered by the residual of my basic drivetrain warranty, so tomorrow I will know the verdict. So far I am enjoying RX330 loaner and I think my dick is gonna fall off any minute now, right after my kid joins some soccer team and makes me a proud soccer dad (this car is for pansies!).
>> and I think my .... is gonna fall off any minute now, <<

Please refrain from vulgar language. You can make your point in other ways.
OK, great! now several other folks feel like their trucks are "definitely not normal" either...
Off to the dealer, guys!

edit, btw, BW, given that he went to the dealer and had them reproduce the "jerking", you are not surprised that his d**k is gonna fall off, now are ya? Man, the customer service at some of these dealerships... :D
I must have a good dealer. They never provided that type of service. :flipoff2:
[quote author=Beowulf link=board=2;threadid=9726;start=msg96972#msg96972 date=1075436682]
>> and I think my .... is gonna fall off any minute now, <<

Please refrain from vulgar language. You can make your point in other ways.

No he couldn't. That car is for pansies, and it does make ones' member fall off. :flipoff2:

I should know. My parents have one. ::)
well, good they didn't buy it before you were to be born eh? :D
Well, it has been 3 days now and they still do not know what is causing it, meanwhile I am enjoying this pansie "butt" RX330 that feels like I am daddy's little princess riding in my pink little car!
[quote author=e9999 link=board=2;threadid=9726;start=msg97102#msg97102 date=1075508728]
well, good they didn't buy it before you were to be born eh? :D

Well if you get out of the RX330 your member will grow back. ;)

My parents and I have about a 180 degree difference of opinion on cars. Now my mom did have an Oldsmobile 442 when she meet my dad. My dad's only comment on that car is "It only got 10k miles per set of tires" It's for this reason they sold it. :-\
I think your dad is smart... very jealous but smart. He just didn't want the wife cruisen around in a bad ride. Now if he would have laided down the law and took control he would be enjoying himself and buying tires every 5K.
I get a light clunk when I start to move. What I hear and feel though is very similar in sound and vibration to the 5mph bumpers reseting just like they did on my '02 Acura when I first cranked the vehicle up and began to move.

Now that is interesting. 5 mph bumper resetting, what is that??? I get this bump at about the same spped, however speed and intencity are variable depending on the temperature outside and amount of throttle. This bump was very noticeably from the drive train, because if I help my hand on the shifter (which is derectly linked to the transmission) the whole thing would jump forward and back during the bump.
Dealership service tech drove my truck before they took it in and said that it is definitely not normal and now they are telling me that it might need front, or rear differential replaced. It is still there for 5 days now.
Got my truck back from the dealership! They fixed it, it turned out to be just a little low rear differential oil level and the oil itself was old (they said), any bumping, or jerking is completely gone, it now runs like brand new car!

So, all of you guys that have similar problem, change your differential oil asap.
Thanks for giving us the follow up info! Sounds like you've found a good wrench if they had enough foresight to try changing fluids instead of just installing new parts.
Sounds like the 80 series driveline clunk. Does it when it needs grease. I bet they greased your driveline when they changed your rear diff fluid, keep it greased every oil and filter change and you will keep the clunk to a minimum.
Hmm, well I've had both of my 100's diffs serviced. They both still do the clunk, it's not an alarming clunk but noticable. You sure they didn't do anything else?

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