100 series accesories (bumper, fender flares, etc)

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Dec 26, 2007
Austin, TX
Well most of you on here may not be intersted in this stuff, since these items may be what youy like to remove from your truck, but here goes:

OEM front bumber with foglights, has scatch/chipped paint on right side, but no dents color is bronze $175
Sunroof wind deflector: $25
OEM Roof rack, all parts, but slightly faded: $50
OEM Hood rock/bug shield (no hardware) : $25
OEM Fender Flares, bronze : $50 for all 4 includes mounting hardware

Location: Austin, TX 78759 zip
kinda new here (Just bought a '99) and I'm interested in the sun roof deflector and bug shield. Will send payment + shipping to 60193 thru pay-pal if it's still available.

Shoot me a PM if possible.

Thanks, Rob
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I am interested in the fender flares. Please PM me the details as to get the money to you and shipping arrangements.


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