100 Series A750F Transmission problems

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Jan 4, 2022
Gold Coast
Hi All,

I have purchased a 105 landcruiser with a 1HDFTE conversion with a 5 Speed A750F transmission 420xxx

The Transmission is jumping between neutral and first gear with or without any acceleration. Gearbox has been out twice, Linkages checked, new clutch pack, resealed and swapped valve bodies to eliminate valving issues. Gearbox has not thrown any codes and box is completely fine, changes gear as it should when it decides to not mess around. Could this be a sensor or ECU, or torque converter?

Let me know your thoughts on this problem pleaassee!
How is the transmission being controlled? Stand alone controller or through the engine? Any upgrades to thr engine as far as power output? Transmission upgrades?
Neutral to 1st is mechanically controlled in the 750. When you drop the shifter into D, you move a poppet to allow line pressure to feed the solenoid bodies. When you are in neutral, that pressure dumps to the pan. There are a few things that can lead to this wonky behavior. Some of these are outside the VB so replacing it wouldn't have affected the problem. You'll need to pull the pan to investigate.

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