Wanted 100-series , $7K-$9K, <175K miles, Midwest/Northeast

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United States
Hi folks,

As the family gets more deeply involved in rock climbing, I find myself in need of a weapons-grade road trip machine. The wife's Minivan just doesn't cut it in some of these places and this is a great excuse to buy something insanely over-engineered.

External cosmetics aren't so important, so long as it's rust free (by northern standards). Mechanical condition is what counts for me.

I'm in SE Michigan, but we're driving out to New Hampshire via I-90 next week (7/4-7/9), out to Wisconsin in early August, and probably to Kentucky sometime in between. Happy to drive 50-100 miles out of my way on those trips for the right truck!

Email at grendel at gmail, or PM me here with any leads.

Would you be interested in a 2006 LC with a salvage title?

I have 2006 that was recently declared totaled by my insurance company and I am in the process of repurchasing it back. I am not sure what I am going to do with it but I know its a solid vehicle that still has plenty of life left. I am the second owner and I have owned the Land Cruiser for the last 7 years. I have had almost all of the maintenance done at the local Toyota dealer.

The damage is mostly cosmetic (bumpers, dents along the passenger side, a few scratches, windshield, a couple flat tires, etc..) but it was involved in an incident that deployed the driver and passenger curtain airbags - those airbags, sensors, seat belts and headliner are over $7,000 to repair with new factory parts. That combined with the high cost of the replacement body parts and labor for painting put the repairs just past (within $500) of the threshold for the total loss/salvage vehicle.

The Land Cruiser has 138,000 miles and would be a great candidate to build into a 4WD beast as it's solid mechanically. Most of the rigs builds start with replacing the bumpers with aftermarket ones anyway. I would repair the airbags (with used ones) and tires so it would be driveable and I would be looking to get approx $6,000 for it. Let me know if your interested and I can send pictures and any additional info.

I am in Northern Kentucky very close to Cincinnati, OH.



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