100 series 18" Wheels and Tires - Nor Cal - $500

Jul 11, 2003
I am selling 4 wheels and tires off a 2005 Land Cruiser. The wheels are 5 spoke 18" wheels that are silver in good condition with minor scratches. One wheel has a scratch (see pic). The tires are the factory stock Dunlop AT 275/60R18 tires with ~50% of tread left. I do NOT have the center caps or the lugs - this is just the wheels/tires.

I bought these off ebay for $500 and was going to powder coat them and put 33's on them. I no longer need them as i scored another set (thanks Scott) that are better candidates for powder coating - these are still pretty nice. I wanted to pass on a good deal to a fellow nor cal mudder. I have them on Craigslist for $600.

Local south bay pick up preferred.

Email me if you are interested. mthomp6@yahoo.com

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