100 pads don't seem to fit

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Mar 27, 2003
north of 49
No the truck is not on the road yet: :( . Got the rotors on and the pads on one side but it turns out I have frozen piston on the other side and need at least one new caliper. The question is, do I need two? I had a lot of trouble putting in 100 pads on the "good" caliper. I was able to get the outer pad in fairly easily but in the end I tapped the inside pad in lightly with a mallet. It slid in ok, but is currently binding on the rotor. I am tempted to blame the pistons on that side and have ordered another caliper but I wanted to double check if maybe this is normal and the pads will free up?
I would also like to ask if others have installed the pads while the caliper is on mounted on the rotor (as described in the FSM) OR install the pads while the caliper is removed and then "somehow" sliding the assembly onto the rotor.

Those 100 pads are tight and any tricks/advice would be welcomed.


Calipers changed per axle is recommended for performance only - not required.

After putting a new pad on one side, you could put the old pad on the other side & use a screwdriver to pry/push the pistons back in. It's gonna be a tight fit but doable.

The pistons were pried back as far as they could go and were virtually flush. The pad just didn't quite fit.
are they not fitting as in too wide or not fitting as in too tall? just curious as when I changed the pads on my 92 I tried the 100 series pads but would have had to grind about an 1/8" off the height of the pad to make it work. had both 80 and 100 series pads on hand so stuck with the 80 pads on mine.
What about the pistons on the other side (on the same axle side) ? Both sides must be pushed back all they way till the pads' back touches the grooves on the calipers.

If your rotors are new - you have to leave the the sims out (my apologies if you've already known this).


P.S: Have you tried C-clamp ?
OEM 100 series pads will fit an FZJ80 caliper and a new OEM rotor. The shims must be ommited. The inner pad is snug but will be ok.

Hey Dan -

I know you're not at work but perhaps you know this off the top of your head -

I'm a little concerned about the "jobber" reman part number for the caliper. They claim that this reman'd caliper is for a 1993 to 1999 Land Cruiser. Does that jive with the when the Toyota caliper part changed? Did the 100 series use the same caliper up to and including 1999? Sounds like the right part but just want to make sure we don't have anymore surprises. :rolleyes:

Um, I'm at work :-\

I wish I wasn't at work, I got half way thru my install on my Slee rear bar yesterday and had to quit :flipoff2: Now I have to wait til Sunday to finish it :'( :'( :flipoff2:

The 100 series caliper is different. The aftermarket application is most likely misprinted. 93-97 are the same. Use the originals as samples to make sure the remans match up.

I do not know the EXACT differences to look for but in the case of FJ80 vs FZJ80 I think the FZJ is wider.

the inner pad seem to be too thick but fits fine otherwise. The outer pad fits ok. No shims behind. the pistons are as far back as they will go on either side, but it seems like on the inner side there is less room. the pad is in but right snug against the rotor and binding somewhat when you turn the wheel.

anyway, I'm just going to replace both calipers to be safe and complete. Can't handle the prospect of having it off the road any longer. It is raining so hard I nearly drowned walking to work today.
The shims are just retarded little chunks of metal anyways. Throw them away and use some of that goo that NAPA sells to quiet down the screaming that the new pads may do.

If you've got them in and the pins upon which the pads slide (not gunked up or rusty), then consider taking them for a drive before tossing $ at calipers. I've often replaced pads on other vehicles and had them seem to be binding at installation, only to have the caliper center itself or the pads center themselves and all is well after a typical day's drive. There's likely a ring of grundge around the piston that is binding a bit in the piston seal that will loosen up with use.

Be sure to seat them with several repeated hot stops as was described in a recent thread on "warping". Excellent advice.

Then send the money to me that you were going to waste on calipers....

[quote author=Phaedrus link=board=2;threadid=8138;start=msg68844#msg68844 date=1070043423]
are they not fitting as in too wide or not fitting as in too tall? just curious as when I changed the pads on my 92 I tried the 100 series pads but would have had to grind about an 1/8" off the height of the pad to make it work. had both 80 and 100 series pads on hand so stuck with the 80 pads on mine.

correct, 100 pads will not fit 91-2 without some grinding, NO grinding of the pad material is needed however, just need to take the metal part off so it fit in(depth) all the way, basicly you hack off the wear indicators. I run 100 series Metal Masters on my 92 and have for a few years.

ah....here is a pic

from left to right
100 series MM pad cut down to fit, MM pad uncut, MM 80 series pad

John H
I've heard new rotors leave little room for 100 pads. Use your old pads, squeeze them hard against the caliper to make sure the pistons are fully retracted. Take out the old pad and put in the new, do this one pad at a time. My rotors aren't new, but the pads fit in easily this way.
Doug, I had to give the money I wasted on new calipers to the parts guys, sorry. On the DS, I definitely had a frozen piston that would not retract at all even with a c-clamp on it and the brake line removed, on the PS replacing may have been overkill but only with the benefit of hindsight. I could not get the inner pistons back far enough to get the pad in without hitting the pad with a mallet, and my truck had been sitting for 9 days in Riley's wife's parking spot in his garage 20 miles from my home at that stage and I felt I had to make sure I could get it home. Rebuilding the calipers only to find out they were scored was not an option. As it turned out the new PS caliper was just as tight a fit. Anyway, at least they match and I have indeed seated the pads as per instructions. No noise.

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