100 amp alternator connector

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Nov 10, 2008
Boone, IA
Does anyone know where I can get a 100 amp alternator connector so I can replace my 80 amp? I am sure they are different and I just want to cut off the old, solder and heat shrink over the connection. If there is a better way please let me know or direct me to a location I can order the parts.
What year model? (put that info in your signature line so we know what we're dealing with).

Early 3 pin oval would be:

3 wire plug.jpg
I think the 100 amp is plug and play with 80 amp wiring, and a new connector is only required if you jump up to the 130 amp “super class” Denso 210-0607. Are you sure you have the 80 amp? Most early years NA-spec came with 100 amp from the factory.
You can get 3 pin 80A or 100A from what I know on the early 100's.
Then later 100's all use the 4 pin plug (regardless of output, but most seem to be 100A).

As @Ayune said above you need a different connector still to fit the 130A wequoia alt.

I was able to get a spare 3-pin and a spare 4-pin from aftermarket suppliers and carry one of each in the truck.

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