Wanted 1 oem fj40 white wagon wheel

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May 19, 2016
Rome GA
United States
i am looking for one white oem fj40 wagon wheel for my 82 fj40. Look at the pic. I need one for my spare. Thanks Jeff.

$110 plus the ride from Burbank. No PMs please. Mark
Mark. I'll take it. I need one and it looks solid. I'll powder coat so not concerned about the paint. Let me know the total with shipping and i can pay PayPal or send a usps money. Shipping will be to Rome GA 30161. My number is 706-767-2842 if you want to call or text. Thanks Jeff
Sounds good. Unfortunately, I posted the pic just before I walked out the door of the shop for the holiday weekend. Soooo, I won't be able to ship until Wednesday next week.

If you want to paypal, please send as friends and family. $55 for shipping, so $165 total. PP addy is the same as my user name, just add @earthlink.net. USPS MO works too.
Sounds good. Next Wed will be fine as the shipping day. We will be out of town until Monday anyway. I will get you paid via PayPal as friends and family sometime tomorrow. Have a good weekend. If you need anything from me you have my number. Also the correct shipping address is the one on the PayPal account. Thanks Jeff
Got your $$, but no addy. PM it to me.

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