1 HZ in a FJ62 Question: Fuel Pump

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Jan 21, 2010
Wondering what you think of this: I have had a 1HZ in my Fj62 for 5 years. Recently experienced a fuel delivery issue, turns out it is a leak in the pressure line above the tank. Fuel pump in the tank has not been connected and now that I am in there replacing the fuel pump bracket with the leaking lines (a discontinued part, so not sure what I will be doing yet there), but wondering if it makes sense to put in a new pump and hook up? Or would that be just overkill, an unnecessary complication.?
No opinions? Am I asking a dumb question?

Ha, thanks.
Fix the leak and the problem is fixed. The 1HZ 1HDT feed pumps can pump as much as 4 times the amount you need with the excess going back to the fuel tank
Ok, thanks for the back up. Now onto finding a fix for the fuel pump bracket hardlines...

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