For Sale 1. FJ80 Factory Auxilary (second) gas tank and and Dual Tank Filler Neck $550 firm

Aug 4, 2014
San Fernando Valley, California ---ONLY ONE AVAILABLE. Very rare. This is for gas, not diesel.

From a 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser. It extends your driving range by 150 or more miles. Factory built for the Landcruiser as an option. Fits 93-97

Toyota Landcruiser Factory auxiliary (Long Range) subtank / gasoline tank with filler neck that allows you to switch between the two tanks you are filling with a lever. You take out the factory filler neck and install the dual filler neck which allows you to use the factory filler hole and can fill each tank just by switching a lever without having to remove the gas pump nozzle.

This means you do not have to drill any holes in your body to install the filler neck.

The tank mounts in the spare tire cavity up high, above the spare tire top bracket. The tank is contoured to fit exactly above the top of the tire carrier and is very clear of any ground obstacles, thus a skid plate is very unlikely to be needed. Your spare tire will need to be either located on a roof rack, inside your vehicle or on the outside rear.

Tank capacity is around 13 - 14 gallons. Although a larger tank would be desirable, this one fits right in and gives no ground clearance issues which a larger tank would. The tank straps into place.

An aftermarket, $25 external fuel pump is used to transfer the fuel from the extra tank to the main tank when the driver determines they wish to.

To avoid complication of vapor hoses, etc, a fuel line and fuel pump are placed between the second tank and the main tank, and the factory recirculation of vapor hoses stays with the main tank; the second tank is treated like a gas container to pour the fuel into the first tank, like you would from a 5 gallon can, but it is pumped with the electric fuel pump from a dashboard mounted switch.

This is a factory system, commonly used in the Outback, and found every now and then on a U.S. model. Everything fits into place as the factory designed it. To pass smog, the only mod required is to remove the California filler neck insert from your old filler neck, and have the radiator shop braze it into the dual neck. A tank guage is not used. You pump the gas in when you are down to about 1/3 of your full tank. The filling takes about 15 minutes being pumped in while you are driving.

I have done 3 installations of this setup in the past on two 94 Landcruisers and a 97 Landcruiser, and can do yours, or advise you.


Please contact me by telephone: (818)268-9036 NO E-MAILS PLEASE.





Jul 3, 2005
Bay Area
I will take it. I'm up north in sf Bay Area but can head down in a few weeks if you have some time. Do u take paypal? Square cash, or need payment mailed?

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