Jul 4, 2006
kinda out of the subject, but i'd though i share. Today my friend, the driver back when i was rallying came by the shop. He has been driving as a DD a golf 1.9 TDI. But he changed engine, still a 1.9 tdi and got a big turbo on it don't know exactly what it is, ECU and every thing.....:eek: god d**m that thing haul a**. 26 psi he says, i was really impress. it's really fast a real sleeper. He had to change turbo and engine once but he says now he got it right... I remember him say he had to change for bigger injector to get more fuel.

Anyhow it pulls way more then the modified 16V 2.0L running programable injection and throttle body we were running in the race car (golf GTI).

Did anyone encounter a 1.9TDI heavily modified?
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Mar 9, 2006
I haven't been in one that's modified yet but the stock 1.9L TDI is a great engine off the shelf. An interesting comparison was my previous family car was a subaru legacy L (gasser) which had the same horsepower as the TDI (90 hp) and pretty much the same sized car. That TDI has so much torque in comparison, it accelerates like a 200+ hp gasser. In addition, the fuel economy is great at 45-52 mpg with the summer blend. Winter driving was 36-40 mpg due to snow tires and the winter blended fuel.

Agreed. TDIclub.com is a great source for the TDI.

Jun 10, 2007
There is a great article in Diesel Power Mag. It was a few months back.

Here it is. 318HP and 493TQ. Still has 40+ MPG to boot. 2002 VW Jetta - Diesel Performance Sedan - Diesel Power Magazine

Wish my PD would do the same. As soon as the warranty runs out.:grinpimp:

There's a lot of discussion about this article on tdiclub. Most people calling BS on the numbers claimed.
Personally I'm also against tuning diesels to smoke, especially like that one does. It's attitudes like that which will keep the general public opposed to diesel power.
Mar 16, 2008
Prince George,BC Canada
Numbers are off

Seems like the numbers are a little off - I have a 02 TDI, stock 90 hp - tuned with a chip up-grade, bigger injectors, and a VNT-17 turbo you can get it up to 140 hp. Still able to squeel them thru third, and a very nice "sleeper", but it don't climb rocks well :)

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