$1,600 Fj60

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May 24, 2005
NE Indiana
I called on a picture add for a '85/60 that I thought I might be interested in. I talked myself out of it soley because I have too many projects right now to start another....so I thought I'd throw this out to you guys in case there is any interest. All I know is what this guy told me on the phone. He claims it is a SW vehicle and he bought it as a project and did not touch it. He has had it for 6 months. He says there is no rust, body or frame, smokes when it runs, 180K miles, has dings but is complete and it is dirty. Tires are fair, says it runs but did not want to give a lot of detail on how well it runs. I just thought for an asking price of $1,600, the miles and no rust, didn't seem too bad. I have a 62 and would love to have a 60 also, it is just not good timing for me. It is located 10 SE of Indy (LC mecca!! Ha). Check out the link.


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