1/4 tank gas miles

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Feb 19, 2012
Just looking for a rough estimate of my 90 FJ62 gas gauge. It's actually brand new cause my original one froze up with rust. I noticed that there is no gas light that comes on when low. Stock vehicle with 117k rolling on 31's mudds.
Too many variables to give an accurate estimation of how much is left. Normal for these trucks is 11-15mpg with a tank running at about 200miles (some get more some get less, again too many variables). If you get down to a 1/4 tank then you have probably around 30 miles before you need to fill up, maybe less.
As I recall, the 60's have a 23 gallon gas tank. Don't know about a 62. If one got 11mpg X 23 gallons=253 miles worst case scenario
Yes some of the variables can also be that on stand still idle it's a 1/4 and driving it dips lower. Just a random question I guess. Thanks for the replies
Calibrate it. It's easy.

  1. Drain the tank. Record gas gauge level.
  2. Add 2 gallons of gas from a jerry can. Record level
  3. Add 2 more gallons of gas. Record level.
  4. Drive to the nearest non-busy gas station (within 1/4 mile) and continue adding gas 2 gals at a time, wait for a while, and record the levels on the gauge.. till full.
You'll be glad you did.
Once you know how much gas is in the tank. It is easy enough to figure out MPG.
Just fill the tank, record odometer, drive till near empty, fill again at the same gas station and calculate your mpg. Then you'll know almost exactly how many miles you can drive when the gauge hits 1/4.
Very true. Should just do that cause its near empty anyway
1/4 is empty to me...i live by that.. done ran outa gas one to many times to even risk it any more.
When you get to 1/2 tank fill it. Was told this when I drove to AK. Glad I listened, a few of those stations were a "few" k's away from each other.
After filling up and playing with the numbers I say roughly 30 miles. I usually keep full to keep some moisture out. Especially winter months. This was a just in case scenerio
I reset my trip odometer every fillup. When I hit 200 miles, it's time to fill up. I've never run out of gas by this method. I average 13-14 mpg.
I'm not familiar with the 62, but the 60 gauge is the opposite of toothpaste...


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