06 LX - Request help: Hood to Cowl Top Seal orientation?

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Sep 12, 2018
My LX470 came without the hood to cowl top seal, so I ordered a replacement.

Somewhat flummoxed by the shape of it. Anyone know which way it should be oriented?

Orientation A


Orientation B


The FSM considers this too trivial to explain beyond:


Also, pro tip: The clips came integrated into the seal. Removing the replacement clips that I purchased and installed before opening the seal packaging to discover that the clips were already there was a bit of a pain, especially in Black Fly season.
Mine is orientation B

My book will be titled, "Turning every Zero :banana: job into a Multi-Day Adventure".

I went with A.

Those clips don't come out that easy without being embedded in the seal.

Any chance either you or @90WT has an original windshield?

Well, crap.
Yes, my windshield was replaced last year. I just went out to look a little closer, and half the clips are missing. It wouldn't surprise me if they put it on backwards. :bang:
Check out the beginning of this post, it talks about those clips.

When removing gently pull the rubber off each clip, then extract clips with a needle nose. When reinstalling insert clips into rubber stop then press in.
I was able to save most of the clips (that I had separately purchased and put in before realizing the seal already had them) using needle nose pliers. Could have saved all of them if I really needed them and was more patient.

Those clips are part number 90467-08108 and are $1.02 each at lexuspartsnow.com (I must have gotten Memorial Day sale pricing, because I only paid $0.95!).

The rubber seal (that includes clips) is part number 53383-60031, and is about $28.

My drivers's side cowl top ventilator louver was broken; the two halves clip together at the junction and the piece of plastic on the bottom of the driver's side half that receives the clip was broken off. That louver is $183, so I just used a zip tie through the loop at the end of the clip to more or less clamp the things together.

It wouldn't surprise me if they put it on backwards. :bang:

I bought the LX from Lexus of Mobile, AL. Before I saw it (but after I had a deposit on it), they noticed a windshield crack and replaced it for me gratis. I suspect that's when the seal went, and now that I know more about LX windshields, I'm a bit nervous about the overall job they did. (They didn't use Lexus glass, for one.)

As for the seal, I'm going to hope for some consensus here on orientation before I pluck it back out and re-orient it. Hopefully a few more people will pop their hoods and report in.

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