06/07 LX470 - OEM LED Brake Light Dim On One Side

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Oct 18, 2021
Greensboro, NC
Wanted to post here to see if this is a common issue, or if anyone has come across this in the past (didn't find anything using search), before I started tearing things apart...

10/2006 Production LX470 (OEM LED Taillamp Assemblies)

I noticed that the left brake light was significantly dimmer than the right side when following my wife home the other night. The running lights on both sides have perfectly normal output, just the one brake light was acting up and is half the brightness of the opposite side.

What's odd to me is the whole light assembly appears to be LED, so I'm guessing that the brightness must be pulse width modulated. At this time, doesn't seem like it would be a connection issue due to the running/tail lamp output being consistent.

Initial Questions:
  1. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the later LX's or can post a link?
  2. Are these indeed pulse width modulated and controlled by a module. Or, is it 12v switched power with a common ground?
Thanks for any input!

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